Remarkable Inventions of the 21st Century

Hands forming the shape of a lightbulb

Scientists and inventors continuously designed machines that made our life simpler. Remarkable creations from the industrial revolution have been the basis of innovators. The industrial revolution happened in the 18th  century. It was known to be an age of advancement in terms of machinery and technology. Manufacturing and transportation industry had improved dramatically through their efforts and achievements. Even today, we have been using what they brought to us more practically and conveniently. The enrichment of their inventions undoubtedly paved the way for 21st-century improvements.

Here are some of the remarkable tools and creations mostly used in today’s society:

1. Construction Equipment

Due to the escalation of buildings and structures, particularly in urban areas, the sales of construction machinery increased rapidly. Firms and companies whose business is through the structure of buildings see to it that they have the advanced equipment to make their industry progressive and productive. Backhoe loaders and excavators are examples of construction tools. Backhoe loaders have a special excavator behind it to dig up the ground and a loader to scoop up all the materials left. It is one of the critical machines in the construction industry. Meanwhile, excavators are flexible machines that can go around 360 degrees for lifting heavy materials and demolishing certain areas.

2.  Electric Cars

Before, the mode of transportation was through the use of water, roads, and railroads. Steamboats and automobiles were the forms of transporting people and goods. Now, we have what we call electric cars. It is powered by electricity alone. The motor is run by batteries which are recharged using an electricity source or grid. It lessens air pollution since it does not use regular gasoline. Although they are still expensive today, efforts are continuously made to improve efficiency and to reduce the cost.

man using a smartphone

3. Smartphones

The modern form of communication is now using a smartphone. It is handy and functional. It has all kinds of applications that you can access from email, messaging, news, video and social network. It has advanced its purpose globally. The trend nowadays is using your device as a mode of payment. Even banks have connected and expanded their range by letting customers know the amount they have in their bank accounts. Straight away, they spend their money any time they want with just one click on their phones.

4. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a tool that thinks like a human being. It can process words and commands. It can even solve problems. Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa are the best examples of AI. They are voice command aids in your smartphone. By turning it on, you can already ask questions, and they can answer instantly.

As the inventions of yesterday are improved unceasingly, people in the present are benefiting positively from the advancements in machinery and technology. The everyday work of individuals is lighter and relaxed than before. The role of modern people now is to stay grounded and appreciate the devices and equipment that assist our needs. Do not overdo nor exceed their function as it may affect the environment negatively.

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