What You Should Know About Cremation Services


Scott Mueller, the author of the best-selling book What to Know Before You Go, says that there are two questions that come up over and over again about cremation services One question is “How much is cremation going to cost?” The other is “What’s involved in the process of cremation?”
A full cremation service costs about $7800.
This service includes preparation of the body for viewing and visitation in a “rental casket.” The body is cremated after the funeral service, and the family sends the ashes to the cemetery for burial or otherwise dispose of them.

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A cremation with a memorial service costs about $5700.
The body is cremated before the service, and the urn is put out for the service at a house of worship or the funeral home. The funeral home then gives the ashes to the family for final disposition.
It’s also possible to have cremation services without a service for about $3500.
The funeral home still provides most of the same services for a cremation without a funeral service as they do for a cremation with a funeral service. They make sure you understand all of your options. They list the name and obituary of your loved one (which they will help you write) on their permanent website, and they also notify all the newspapers.

They make sure you understand all of your options.

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