How to Decorate the Balloons for a Party

children at birthday party

Balloons are a usual staple at kids’ birthday parties. They are usually used for decorations and such, but today, there are a lot more ways you can be creative with these balloons. This is amazing, as balloons are fun, colorful, inexpensive, and very easy to find.

Today, we will discuss a few tips on how you can decorate and use your balloons for your kid’s upcoming birthday party. Make sure to get custom balloon maker with delivery soon so you wouldn’t have a problem getting them.

Use it as an Invitation

Paper invitations are so common, and if you want to be unique, then you might want to use your balloons as invitations instead. You’d need to deliver these by hand though. So make sure that the guests that you are giving these to are close to your home.

Instead of writing the details on a piece of paper, you can try writing it on the outside of the balloon instead. Simply inflate the balloons, tie the bottom properly, write the details on the balloon’s surface, and hand them over to your guests. If you want to be more creative, then try writing the details on a piece of paper, insert them inside the balloons, inflate them and have your guest pop the balloon to find the invite!

Use it for Games

woman with balloons

Since this is a kid’s birthday party, you definitely have to make sure that you’d be hosting a few games for the little ones. One amazing idea is to fill a huge net with a few balloons and place it onto the ceiling. Have your guests gather under the net and then assign someone to release all of the balloons from the net so it will all drop to the guests.

Kids would definitely love this, just make sure to place the balloons a little bit higher so the drop would be a little more dramatic. Another fun idea is to fill the balloons with different colors of paint then attach them to a canvas. Have the kids throw a dart to the balloons to create kind of an abstract painting. The one with the prettiest painting wins!

Have them take the painting home so they would have a little piece of memoir from your kid’s birthday party.

Use Them as a Loot Bag

Instead of putting all of the party goodies inside the usual bag, you can put it inside a balloon instead. Simply fill the balloon with the party favors that you want your guests to take home, inflate the balloon, and ask your guests to deflate their balloons to find the goodies inside.

Additionally, you can also have someone tie the balloons into different shapes and give them to the kids as party favors. Kids are usually easy to impress, and they would surely love anything that has to do with balloons.

There are tons of things that you can do with balloons, which is why it remains as one of the most sought-after party decors and favors. Get yours now and see the kids’ face light up when they see these creative balloon ideas!

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