Types of Symbols Used for Funeral Services

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Getting your thoughts in order for you to plan a loved one’s funeral is hard. This is an emotionally draining period, regardless of the cause of death. However, most families will want to handle the planning of their loved one’s funeral so that they are assured that all their wishes will be followed to the letter. Although understandable, this should not be a reason to burden yourself with the specifics of funeral planning.

There are different funeral planners, ranging from the traditional to the green funeral company. They handle all the elements of a funeral service to guarantee an exceptional and meaningful service. One of the elements that set meaningful funeral services apart from those poorly put together is the incorporation of the right symbols. Symbols in a funeral service will facilitate expression and convey love. This does not mean that the symbols you pick for a funeral service need to be logical. Here are the types of symbols that might suit your loved one’s funeral:


These hold different meanings in a funeral depending on a community’s cultural beliefs.  However, they are a universal symbol of light, love, and hope. In most funeral services, candles symbolize eternal life and the undying love that you will have for the deceased. Traditionally, white candles were used to represent the deceased’s spirit. Nowadays colored candles and those with photos, quotes, and details have taken over to personalize a service. Moreover, there are now eco-friendly wax candles that will burn for hours and offer a durable keepsake for a deceased’s loved ones.


Mourning woman on funeral with red rose standing at casket or coffinThese are generally the most common symbol in funerals. Although all flowers will convey sympathy in a funeral, they all have their meanings. Forget-me-nots, for instance, are an emblem of remembrance, while hyacinth indicates regret and sorrow. Most people will choose flowers in a deceased’s favorite colors for their funeral. To guarantee that they all convey a suitable message, you can get different flower species in the same color.


Releasing doves has in recent times become one of the most beautiful acts for commemorating the life of a loved one. Doves are generally considered a symbol of peace and will be a source of comfort for the bereaved family. The letting go of a dove in a funeral service will symbolize the letting go of your loved one’s spirit and a feeling of hope in those left behind as they watch the doves fly away.


For the eco-conscious families, planting a tree on your lawn or the deceased’s favorite spot might be your funeral service’s symbol. Every time you see this tree, you can remember your loved one. Moreover, this symbol lasts for generations, thus offering a long-lasting remembrance of your loved one.

Few people think of symbols when planning a funeral. In most cases, the symbols are overshadowed by seemingly “more important” elements like the casket and the interment. With a reputable funeral planning expert, you can get the symbol you pick from the above for a funeral in complete harmony with the rest of the service. You should not opt not to have the symbols thinking that they can disrupt the other elements of the service.

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