Wonderful Keepsakes of Your Baby’s First Year

Holding a newborn baby

Having a newborn is one of the most exhausting phases of parenthood. But it is also the most precious. There is something vulnerable and sweet about how your little one depends on you. The nights of cuddling your newborn seem to stretch forever. But in one blink, your precious bundle becomes a toddler. Having keepsakes of this special time is a wise investment. Here are a few suggestions that you might like:

Monthly Snapshots

There is a sense of wonder as you see your precious one grow. Schedule a monthly photo shoot in a photography studio. Let a professional photographer take snapshots of your little one. From their first month to their first year, you will see how they have transformed. There are also many props and themes that you could choose from to showcase your baby’s adorable looks. Choose the best shots per month and put them in a custom frame that holds twelve pictures of your baby. Place it in a prominent spot in your living room or bedroom to remind you of how your baby has changed.

Handprint and Footprint Craft

Do you remember cradling those tiny hands and feet while your baby sleeps? Do you often think about how fragile they are? You can preserve your baby’s handprints and footprints. Various kits make it possible. Some use dough for a three-dimensional imprint on a plaque. Others use ink or paint for a sketchy type of memento. Whatever method you want to use, make sure to have a special place to keep it. You can have a box or a frame to remind you every once in a while of those cute little hands and feet.

Milestone Record Book

The first year of a baby comes in a blur of days. Sleep deprivation and adjustments to parenthood could do that. But there are those days that are crystal clear as you see your baby’s first smile or the first time they roll. These moments can make your heart burst with pride and joy. There is nothing like seeing your baby conquer their milestones. To help you remember, you can have a milestone record book where you can put the dates of all their firsts. You can customize it with scrapbook designs. Then you and your little one can look back to it when they are older.

Memory Box

Holding an ultrasoundDo you still have that first ultrasound? Their hospital ID tag? Their first cut of nails and lock of hair? All these can be stored in a box. You can add more items as your little one grows. Make sure that everything is neat and organized. This will become your little one’s treasure box.

A Bear with a Customized Outfit

Do you have some of your little one’s clothes that they have outgrown? Undecided of what to do with them? If you have a knack for sewing, you can put them together to form a patchwork. This patchwork can then be sewn in a teddy’s attire. This little teddy can be your little one’s companion as they grow.

There are many ways to celebrate and remember your precious one’s first tender year. You can even have a combination of these suggestions. You can think of something entirely different. It depends on you. A keepsake is a tangible reminder. It helps you see how your little one has brought you so much joy and given you so many memories to cherish.

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