Why Co-Sharing Spaces is a Budding Entrepreneur’s Choice

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Researchers have released a study about how an employee thrives. It mentioned how those who work in co-sharing spaces perform at higher levels compared to those who stay in a regular office. There must be reasons people do better and thrive in a place they share with others, often complete strangers.

Experts cite the following reasons a co-sharing space is an ideal option for start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Opportunities to Network and Collaborate

co-sharing space here in Singapore provides several opportunities to build and grow your network. As an entrepreneur, you need to gain contacts that fill the gaps in expertise. It is impossible to succeed as the lone hero or heroine.

You can wear multiple hats such as in finance, human resource, creative work and marketing, but having someone else’s perspective will give you an edge. Collaboration allows you to grow your business faster and at an efficient rate.

Look for people that are willing to work with you and share your vision; a co-sharing space is a place where this is possible.

Diverse Ideas

Co-sharing spaces are a melting pot of ideas because of the different backgrounds of those that use it. Someone may be working on a new app in one corner, while in another a person may be perfecting a tool.

When you share experiences, thoughts and stories, you are broadening your perspective, even if in some cases these are not related to your field of expertise. The idea outliers may push your thought process out of its comfort zone and enable you to think out of the box.

Meaningful Work

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When an entrepreneur or freelancer begins working, they already have their whole selves in it. They see their actions as meaningful and contribute to their life goals. A co-sharing space also has a different dynamic because people in it have varying interests and projects to work on.

This means there is little to no competition among members or politicking that characterises some companies. An entrepreneur in a shared working space also creates a strong internal work identity because of the different backgrounds he or she is in.

Job Control

Entrepreneurs and freelancers work better in a co-sharing space because they have more autonomy. They control what time they work, how much effort they exert, and if they want to network with others. This is liberating for many; they do not have to deal with a boss they do not like or work on a project half-heartedly.

They can take long breaks, go for a jog or spend an hour or so in the gym to clear their minds.

Community Atmosphere

A co-shared space has a community atmosphere compared to a traditional office. Members do not have to work with people they dislike or projects they do not believe in. There is no pressure to meet all the objectives within a specific timeframe.

They also get to collaborate with like-minded individuals and a diverse group with different ideas. People help each other, collaborate, fill gaps, encourage each other and provide constructive criticism.

These are some of the reasons a co-sharing space is an ideal setup for budding entrepreneurs. The atmosphere, networking possibilities and shared ideas create a melting pot that is a catalyst for future success.

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