Step Into the Future With 3D Printing

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Modern technology brings many changes to businesses. One of the technologies that are making waves today is 3D printing. Instead of just printing words on paper, people can now have physical objects printed out directly. Companies such as RAM Peripherals LTD can provide you with the chance to use this technology now.   The big question that you have to ask yourself though is whether your business can actually use it. Here are some of the things that a proper 3D printing service can do for your company:

Rapid Prototyping

If you are a manufacturer, one of your main obstacles in the turn around of products is that it can be difficult to get a prototype into action. After all, you have to send it to your factory first to get made. But with 3D printing, all it takes is a few 3D files and you can have an initial prototype ready in a few hours. It would present you with as close as you can get to a functional model. This allows for immediate testing or you can present it to investors as a proof of concept. That can be a big win for your company.
Besides being fast, 3D printing is also very inexpensive. In a traditional development process, you might need molds or casts to be made for the initial prototype. This can be pretty expensive considering that you will be using it only once. 3D printing eliminates all that and will only cost you a fraction of that cost.

Limited Production

Prototypes were 3D printing’s bread-and-butter in the early days, but now, the technology is much more mature. Your company can actually use it for limited runs of products, depending on what industry you are in. For example, you want to try out a new offering on the market, then you can do a limited run with just your 3D printer running for a week or so. It is quite demanding but it can allow you to do some market research.
In addition, some industries such as medical device manufacturing don’t have a high demand for mass production but enough for personalized products that 3D printers can do.
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Customized Devices

As mentioned above, 3D printing can allow you to do small changes to your product. This also means you can customize each offering to each customer. This is a good thing for some industries. For example, molded leg braces that are a good fit for a patient instead of just a generic product. There is already a market for custom prosthetics stemming from 3D printed parts. With unique products, you will also be able to retain your customer base as they keep coming back to you for their needs.

Unique Materials

3D printing was once limited to plastic resin, but you can now experiment with more than that. If you want to test out new materials for your products, then working with 3D printers can give you a chance to try something before you go into mass production.
Though 3D printing still has its hiccups and disadvantages, those are quickly disappearing. The applications above can greatly benefit your business in various ways. It is still a major investment, though, so it is still up to you whether it is worth the expense to add 3D printing to your business.

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