Snoop Dogg Wine? It’s Legit

snoop dogg with his wines

Musicians don’t do just make music and perform. Some have clothing lines, own restaurants, develop beauty products — and others have gone into the wine business. Joining the likes of Sting (iL Palagio), Niki Minaj (Myx Fusions Moscato), Carlos Santana (Mumm Napa Santana Series Sparkling Wine), among many other musicians, is Snoop Dogg.

What’s a Snoop Dogg wine like?

What Kind of Wine is Snoop Dogg’s Wine?

Snoop’s wine is called Cali Red, a full red with strong, dark fruity notes. It’s a blend of different grapes: petite syrah (65 percent), zinfandel (30 percent) and merlot (5 percent). Snoop Dogg describes his wine as being “strong, bold and incredible.” Much like the rapper himself it would seem. The wine is sourced from the Lodi region of Northern California.

What does it taste like?

Snoop Dogg’s red wine offers notes of vanilla and chocolate. One review adds that it has notes of black cherry, candied raspberry as well as vanilla. So does this mean that Snoop’s wine is sweet and dry? It has a bit of a sweet finish, with an alcohol content of 14 percent. Twelve to 15 percent is the typical range for red wine’s alcohol content.

But Cali Red isn’t the only bottle of wine Snoop Dogg’s selling. The rapper also has a Cali Rosé under 19 Crimes. And why not? Aside from its increasing popularity with the wine-drinking crowd, most celebrities who’ve gone into the wine business offer a rosé: Jon Bon Jovi (Hampton Water Rosé), Kylie Minogue (Prosecco Rosé) and Post Malone (Maison No. 9 Rosé), among a long list of others.

How does Snoop Dogg’s rosé stack up against other rosés? Reviews have been favorable, with some consumers saying they like how it’s not too sweet and not too dry. The Snoop Dogg Cali Rose is a crisp California wine, and has ripe strawberry notes that perfectly complement floral and rose petal aromas. You’ll have fresh raspberry, strawberry and red cherry notes with balanced acidity and a spot of sweetness. So if you love this combination of notes and want a hint of sweet, the Cali Rose from the famous rapper works for brunches, summer meals or even an evening of relaxation.

But some reviews of Snoop Dogg’s rosé wine wasn’t too favorable, suggesting that the posh bottle may be better mixed with other liquor. Some tasters compared the California wine to a wine cooler and a raspberry peach Snapple. Because of the sweetness, reviewers imagine the posh bottle of rosé would work for a boozy snow cone or as part of a sangria mix.

Is Snoop’s wine pricey?

How Much is a Bottle of Snoop Dogg Wine?

Image from Snoop Dogg’s Facebook page

For most people, especially those who rarely or don’t drink wine, a bottle of celebrity-backed or produced wine may not be about the taste. It may not even be about the quality of the drink. Many may grab a bottle because they’re paying for the name, and what that celebrity name brings. So some bottles will come with a price tag that reflects that privilege.

But Snoop Dogg’s wine bottles are not as pricey as the other bottles. The famed rapper’s Cali Red goes for $12 a pop whereas the rosé wine is $13. By comparison, John Legend’s LVE French Rosé goes for $25, Brad Pitt’s Studio by Miraval Rosé is at $15.49 and perhaps the priciest of all bottles is Jay-Z’s Armand de Brignac Brut Gold (also called Ace of Spades) at over $200 a pop. Although Jay-Z has already sold his stake in the company to LVMH, the pricey champagne is still associated with the mogul rapper.

19 Crimes and Snoop

Image from Snoop Dogg’s Facebook page

19 Crimes is a successful Australian wine brand that packages its bottles with antiquated mugshots of 18 century convicts turned colonists. In a sea of products, the brand’s unique merchandising stands out. Through its wines, the brand celebrates the rebellious spirit of the exiled, the rule breakers and the bold and defiant citizens in the UK. All 165,000 men and women who survived the rough seas and tough times as they arrived in Australia.

In partnering with Snoop Dogg, 19 Crimes also celebrates overcoming adversity and a culture-creating spirit. All of which Snoop Dogg embodies. The brand didn’t stop at packaging the celebrity-backed product with Snoop’s face on the label; it appealed to a new generation of consumers with augmented reality technology.

In 2020, the brand won the U.S. Wine Innovations for the Snoop Dogg wines: Cali Red and Cali Rose. So it came as no surprise that in 2021, 19 Crimes announced an extension of its partnership with the rapper. From selling in North America, the 19 Crimes wine that bears Snoop Dogg’s face now sells across the globe.

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