How to Make Your Brand Merchandise Stand Out


In today’s marketing environment, simply coming up with a great idea is not enough. A lot of thought needs to be put into how you put your product out there. One of the best ways to do this is by creating brand merchandise. Not only do people love owning custom-made products, but you can also put your message out there in a lasting way. This is where you can use all your creativity. A well-placed message or image can do wonders for crafting your brand into the minds of potential customers. Before you start merchandising for your product, here are some ways to ensure that you are doing it right:

Use interesting graphics

The best way to take advantage of the platform brand merchandise provides is to pay attention to the aesthetics. No matter what your company does, it’s important to keep the graphics clean and beautiful. Remember, merchandise is something people wear or use in public. So if your look doesn’t agree with them, they are not going to wear it outside, which defeats your purpose. Try to keep your graphics simple yet impactful. Taking a key element of your logo and using a font that does not stand out too much will keep your products interesting without being too out there.

Make sure the merchandise is of high quality

If the merchandise you produce is not of high quality, people will be reluctant to use it. If you are designing a T-shirt, make sure that it fits right and that the make looks good. Use quality embroidery services in Australia to make sure that there are no loose fibers sticking out. Your embroidery should look neat and delicate, especially when embroidering letters. If you are going to print graphics, it shouldn’t crack after usage. A cracked or peeling graphic is a surefire way to turn your T-shirt into sleepwear.

Be funny

If everyone is wearing tees that have words printed on them, how do you make yours stand out? One advice. Make your message humorous. This is easier if your brand sells fun or interesting products. But funny messaging can actually play to your advantage when you are marketing for a company that is usually perceived as boring, such as an insurance or audit consultancy company. A witty message will leave a bigger impact on your target audience if it comes from a surprising source. Just make sure to keep the joke subtle for maximum effect.

Test out different products

different colored pens

Not all merchandise is created equally. Some products are not going to be fit for your purpose. You should know which product to launch as merchandise before you start your marketing campaign. If you are new to this, then starting out small, with cheap and easy to produce products such as pens or T-shirts, might be your best option.

Remember that you can let your creativity flow in many directions. Design your products in unique ways and using different outlets. So bring your best minds together and produce something brilliant for your next brand merchandising campaign.

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