Office Relocation: How to Keep Everybody Included in This Activity


A new office is like a blank slate for everyone in the company. There’s an adjustment period when you transition into a new surrounding. Follow this plan to help you adjust well as you move into a new office.

Planning for a New Office

Plan for your office’s new layout. You may be ditching the old desks and other more items behind, and that’s all right. Visit the office to see how you can turn it into a friendly and breathable space for employees. You can hire a moving manager to make things easier for you. You can also contact an interior decorator to ask for a quote. They can help estimate how you can fit all your office items in your new space. They can also tell if there’s an item you can’t keep anymore in case you’re downsizing. Allocate an extra budget for the move to keep it as smooth as possible.

A Task for Everyone

Moving to a new office is tedious that everyone must know what their tasks are ahead. Let each staff be responsible for their things and let them do their packing. The moving company will take care of bigger items. Encourage everyone to participate in the packing to finish quickly. Give everyone enough time to pack to avoid hassle during the moving day. Remind them to label their boxes to avoid confusion after the move as well.

Tech Connections

The IT department has a lot of responsibility during a move. They’re responsible for disconnecting computers, phones, and servers. They should also make requests to transfer internet plans and phones to the new location. Give them this responsibility, but make sure you remind them. Some of these tasks need getting to it early on. It’s also possible to have some recyclables during the move. Check out with the corresponding local agency for this issue.

Change of Address and Other Contact Information

This is another thing to get to as early as you can. Submit a request for a change of phone numbers if applicable. Print new business cards, envelopes, letterheads, and return labels in advance. Likewise, notify your clients that you’re moving to a new location. Updating all these before the move can make the transition easier. There are also fewer risks to miss something when you do it when it’s not that hectic yet.

New Pieces of Furniture and Other Items

Packing boxes for office relocation

You might want to treat your employees with new items in the office. Choose furniture for express delivery in time for your move. It’s better to get the bigger pieces ready before the move so they’re in their proper places. Consider donating or reselling old stuff from the office if you’re buying new ones. Breathable space is better than a crowded one. Worn-out items can also drag the look of your new office space.

After-moving day calls for a celebration. It’s not an easy task to move items from an old location to a new one. Everyone went through a lot with the preparations, so better treat everyone involved. The money spent on moving is not to be taken lightly. With all these, gather everyone to say some thanks. Let this move be the start of new endeavors in the office.

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