Enjoy Smooth Sailing Around the World By Preparing Properly


For the nautically-inclined, the notion of climbing aboard a well-appointed yacht, arm in arm with your loved one and sailing around the world certainly has its appeal. Such an adventure would consist of exploring foreign lands, enjoying the sun-warmed seas and the kind of intimacy you can only achieve at sea. To the right people, it’s one of the most romantic and exciting endeavors.

Should you seriously entertain the notion of sailing around the world, you’ll need to prepare. Sailing is an exciting activity, but one that requires constant training. If you already have the requisite skills, such as steering and navigation, consider reviewing them extensively. But focus on two things before you raise anchor: your boat and your budget.

Whatever Floats Your Boat

Travelling around the world by sea can take years, which makes it vital that you pick your vessel carefully. Safety is your priority when choosing your boat. It has to be safe to sail in open water and its mechanisms must be well-suited for oceanic environments.

For example, some electrical wires corrode faster due to constant exposure and salt water. You could invest in industrial-strength marine cables, which last longer and increase energy efficiency. Small details, like the material of your boat’s wires, can be the root of mishaps or even accidents over time. Another example is the ease of access to the ship’s engine, because this would be important if you have to repair or maintain it away from safe harbour.

The bottom line is that you should be thorough in choosing the kind of boat and in checking if it’s safe and suited for a course around the world.

Since you’ll be out to sea for a while, you’ll need to plan your budget and find ways to conserve it while you’re travelling.

Avoiding High Costs in the High Seas

sailing around the world

Even if you have a large amount tucked away specifically for your global sailing voyage, you might want to avoid spending a lot of it. Medical and mechanical emergencies tend to cost a lot of money, and you’ll want to reserve your funds in case something happens. Stretching your resources and even adding to them can give you greater security during an urgent situation.

So what can you do to conserve your funds while sailing?

Do your research on the cost of living of the countries you’re going to sail to. Know the costs of mooring, food prices and any legal fees you may have to pay. Be especially mindful of costs in popular tourist destinations, which tend to be higher than in less well-known locales.

Cut down on food bills by eating aboard your ship. Buying fresh produce and cooking it on your own is sometimes cheaper than eating at a restaurant and can be more romantic. You could drive down your grocery bill even lower by foraging and fishing while you sail. With the right tools and a little training, you can feed yourself with the bounty of the ocean.

Finally, you could earn your upkeep by working remotely. A good internet connection and a laptop could provide you with a way to replenish your funds while cruising the waves. Alternatively, you could find employment on shore and experience other cultures and countries in a different way.

Preparation is the key to having a great time in any adventure. Sailing around the world is a little harder to prepare for than other activities. But with efficient and thorough organisation, you can confidently sail into the sunset with your partner and enjoy the sights of the sea.

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