5 Types of Animated Videos for Corporate Marketing

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In recent years, the number of brands that use videos for their brand’s marketing has increased from 60% to around 80%. These statistics show you that businesses now appreciate the impact of videos on brand marketing.

Compared to still images, videos are visually stimulating, versatile, can capture an audience’s attention, and easier to use when telling a story. One of the best-performing videos today in the corporate world are animated videos, and these have been proven to increase a website’s CTR by approximately 200%.

Video production agencies based in Manchester and other nearby cities have different animated video styles that might suffice for your business. The following are some of them:

2D Animations

These mark the oldest type of animation used for marketing and was invented in the late 1800s. 2D animation relies on height and width to convey a message. This type of animation allows characters to follow a script in their acting and is efficient for dramatic skits and advertisements.

It is ideal if you are targeting the older generation since they grew up with 2D animation and can, therefore, relate to your message better than the recent generation. It delivers your message in the simplest way possible and persuades a viewer to take any desired action.

3D Animation

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This resembles 2D animation, but includes depth — in addition to height and width — to its animation equation. As such, it allows the creation of a dynamic and highly animated environment that creates realistic settings, textures, lighting, objects, and characters. This is, in fact, the currently used animation style for modern animated movies. Compared to 2D, 3D animations are more captivating and will resonate with a young audience.

Motion Graphics

This type of animated video features simple graphics paired with lots of text. It is a bit different from conventional videos, which center on animated characters.

Motion graphics give life to a story that would otherwise be bland with pure shapes, graphics, and visuals. The addition of text also allows those with a hearing impairment to follow your story.

Whiteboard Animation

This features an illustrator drawing various forms of art on a whiteboard to deliver a message. This type of animated video has gained immense popularity since its YouTube launch in 2005, as it allows viewers to follow the making of your story. It, therefore, looks authentic and makes it easier for viewers to resonate with the message you want to communicate.

Animation Blended with Live Video

This powerful video combination allows brands to showcase real-life situations then amplify them using a layer of animation. It appeals to viewers across all ages. Moreover, the animation blended with live video allows you to tell a unique and compelling story.

Most business owners only visualize live videos when they hear about video production for marketing. As such, they assume that the right video camera and a few editing tools are all it takes to create a marketing video. The above-animated videos will, however, require high-level expertise to develop and handle, but you are also assured of a high ROI if handled by the best production company.

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