Why Blog? The Powerful Benefits of Blogging for Businesses


When you’ve just built a business and you’re now starting to think of tried-and-tested digital marketing strategies to apply, chances are blogging won’t be among the first things to come into your mind. But, digital solutions companies like Net Efficiency are actually advocating the use of blogs to market any business. It’s because there are so many benefits to be enjoyed from blogging as a marketing tool.

Boost your SEO strategy

A few years ago, companies discovered that the best way to rise up in the ranks of search engines is to pepper their websites with popular keywords. The strategy worked for a while, but Google eventually discovered what they were doing and so, made adjustments in the algorithm.

Now, that old strategy won’t work anymore. The change that Google implemented paved the way for a different way of rising up in the search engine ranks, which is definitely better. The search engine giant now prioritises websites that provide valuable content, which is great for bloggers.

If you constantly produce valuable content on your site that’s relevant to your business and products, the more likely that Google will prioritise you. So, this change has made blogging an integral part of digital marketing.

Strengthen your customer relations

Blogging is also good for building and strengthening relationships with customers. When you provide content that your customers could relate to, then you’re creating a much more solid relationship with them.

Customers tend to favour companies that do more than just promote their products. If they see content that’s not a sales pitch, but instead an informative article that they can relate to, they will be more likely to patronise that brand.

So, if you can blog frequently and provide your customers with relevant content that’s informative and entertaining, you’ll be able to solidify your relationship with them.


Establish yourself as an expert

Blogging can also help you establish your image as an expert on the business you’re in. For example, if you’re selling hypoallergenic clothes online and you also provide content about skin sensitivities, skin allergies, skin asthma, and other kinds of skin problems, your customers will think that you’re an expert on everything related to the epidermis.

Connect to your customers

Finally, blogging helps you create a bridge to your customers where they will see that your company isn’t just another conglomerate eager to separate people from their money. You can use blogging to show your customers more personal stuff about your business, like if you have an outreach program that you want people to know more about.

On top of that, you can use blogging to show them the hurdles you had to overcome to help your business succeed. In short, blogging is your venue to speak directly to your customers in an informal way. This way, you’ll be able to have a more personal relationship with your customers, which will benefit your business.

So, if you think blogging is only for people who want to express their feelings, then think again. Blogging is an effective digital marketing tool, which every entrepreneur should be utilising.

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