What Videos Get the Most Attention on Social Media?

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Anybody can share video links or start live videos on various social media pages. Influencers take advantage of these video features to go viral or become more effective in their goals.

People usually search for videos they need through Google or YouTube. On Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, they watch videos that interest them when they scroll through their feed. They only finish videos that are eye-catching or engaging for their taste, though. That is why most companies hire a video production agency in London for this job.

The best types of videos for social media differ according to what the audience likes to see. Here are some of the video types that most users respond to.


Social media users love informative interviews and Q&As. Influencers can create interview videos with a customer or a thought leader. Questions are prepared in advance, plus, fans can also post their questions. For Q&As, influencers can speak directly to an audience and answer their questions. This can be recorded and uploaded, or it can be done by going live.

Behind-the-Scene Videos

Another type of video that audiences find engaging is behind-the-scene. It is a wonderful way of highlighting company culture and building a connection with an audience. Some great ideas for this video are going to backstage events, making office tours, and showing how products are created.

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Feature Videos

Many social media users claim that their buying decisions are highly influenced by the brand’s posts on social media pages. Thus, posting product feature videos is a great way to showcase it to your target market. Take note, too, that an informal video post can feel more authentic than ads, and these genuine videos can encourage more people to shop and buy.

Promos and Deals

Everybody loves promos and deals. Companies and influencers can offer exclusive deals and create attention-grabbing videos to encourage audiences to join ongoing promotions and offers.


In most cases, big news like new product launches and expansions are best announced on social media sites. Influencers, companies, and businesses can create videos to build excitement in announcing this.


Social media followers have this FOMO (fear of missing out), so they need to be constantly updated through posts and videos on their feeds. Influencers can tap into this by posting interesting videos from events or utilising live video features for at-the-moment (ATM) posts. Viewers are offered exclusive look at events when influencers showcase the attendees and the program. Likewise, special interviews or backstage peeks are also great ideas to include in event videos.

Trending and Breaking News

Lastly, social media is also an excellent venue for getting the latest news from around the world. On the other hand, however, there is the issue of newsjacking on tragic events or fake news. Still, social media can give followers trending news topics and breaking news to get the conversation going.

So, whether a company or an influencer is giving the news on significant information or cultural moment, social media videos are one of the best ways to share it. Additionally, breaking news is the top-performing type of video on Twitter. People look at Twitter first when news breaks or if there is a live event happening.

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