What To Know Before Getting Your First Franchise


Some people are entirely aware that they are not fit to be employees, and are meant to put up their own business. However, some find themselves starting a business because of a sudden change in their life like parenthood, retirement, or they might have lost their job. While for some, they are still unsure if being employed or owning a business is right for them.

If it is your dream to be your boss and own a business, then owning a franchise might be the right step for you. In franchising, there are different opportunities available, like a retail clothing franchise, food franchise, and even a home-based franchise. Choosing what exactly to franchise is crucial and a bit grueling. To ensure that becoming a franchise owner will be a positive experience, it is best to do your due diligence first before coming up with a final decision.

The first step in your search for the perfect franchise is to assess yourself first. Do you prefer a retail business, an office-based one, or a home-based business? How many employees are you planning to hire? Will you require your employees to work on a fixed schedule or a flexible one? Will you be fully committed to your business, and if not, how much time will you be able to commit to it? Do you haveenough capital to put up a franchise? If not, to whom and how much are you going to borrow? Assessing yourself with these questions will help you in understanding what the best franchise for you is and if franchising is the perfect option for your business.


It is also essential to do your research on the franchise that you are about to acquire. Study the field and make yourself knowledgeable about the industry that you are entering. Also, you might want to talk to other franchisees. It wouldn’t hurt to have an honest conversation with people who were once in your shoes. If possible, try to set up a meeting with a former and current franchisee of the business you are planning to put up. Ask them about the pros, cons, and possible dilemmas that you might face in the future to better ready yourself. The more accurate the franchisee is, the more information that you will get from them. Good thing, though, is that most franchisees are willing to help their fellow entrepreneurs.

If you have already made up your mind and found the perfect franchise for you, ask yourself these questions, and if you tend to answer no or unsure of your answer, then it would be best to investigate further on your chosen franchise.

  • Does the franchisor have a proven track record?
  • Is the franchisor an expert in this field?
  • Does the franchisor have enough experience in the industry?
  • Is there a demand for the product or service?
  • Will the franchise offer more potential for growth?
  • Are the other franchises of the same industry near your area successful?
  • Are the fees and royalties reasonable enough?
  • Is the franchising contract favorable for both parties?

The key here is to take things slowly. Rushing the process will not be a smart move. Do all necessary due diligence, and take your time in evaluating all key factors that are available. No matter what your decision may be, your primary goal here is to be the entrepreneur who found tremendous success with franchising.

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