The Virgin vs. Chad Meme: What’s it About?

virgin vs chad meme

The virgin vs. Chad is a popular internet meme that has been around for a few years now. But what is it about? What is the point of it? And why is it so popular?

What’s the Virgin vs. Chad Meme?

The virgin vs. Chad meme is an online slew of MS Paint illustrations comparing two types of men. On one side is the “virgin” – a guy who is inexperienced with women, often shy and awkward around them. On the other side is “Chad” – a man with high self-confidence and is experienced with women. The comparison is usually made mockingly, with the virgin being seen as unsuccessful and pathetic compared to Chad.

Origin of the Virgin vs. Chad Meme

The virgin vs. Chad meme started on the 4chan board /r9k/ in 2016. A user posted a thread called “virgin signs,” which listed the “infamous virgin walk” as a way to identify a virgin on the /r9k/ board, a space where incels (“involuntarily celibates”) and other constantly single men curse out the Chads and other sexually-active men. It was described as someone walking heads down with their hands in their pockets.

In March 2017, an illustration of this supposed “virgin walk” drawn using MS Paint was posted, which prompted other users to post various MS Paint illustrations that spawned new memes that became popular on Reddit, Facebook and Twitter. It gave birth to “Chad” and “Wizard,” two characters commonly used in the meme. This is where the virgin vs. Chad meme was born.

Variations of the Meme

Virgin Ninja Walk vs. Chad Reggie Stride

This meme variation compares the “virgin ninja walk” to the “Chad Reggie stride.” It uses photos of Former Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime and Fortnite streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins from The Game Award. The meme compared how Ninja looked like a “virgin” whereas Reggie looked like a “Chad.”

The Virgin Ben Shapiro vs. Chad

It compares political commentator Ben Shapiro to various other men. The meme started after Shapiro tweeted that he was a proud virgin until he was married. One popular comparison was with Chad Felix Greene, a political and social writer.

Swole Doge vs. Cheem

Similar to the Virgin vs. Chad meme, this one compares two types of dogs – the “swole doge” and the “cheem.” The swole doge is the head of a Shiba Inu on a muscular body, while the cheem is a normal Shiba Inu. This meme started in 2020 and has been used to make various jokes, including political ones.

Incel Culture

In relation to the Virgin vs. Chad meme, “incel” is a portmanteau of the words “involuntarily celibate.” This community comprises people who cannot get involved in a romantic or sexual relationship even though they want to for various reasons. Despite the simple denotation of the term, incel culture promotes a lot of hate, spanning from self-pity and resentment to misogyny and racism.

This culture of hate continues to proliferate online as more people find themselves agreeing with these ideals. Because the virgin vs. Chad meme is based on the idea that virgins are losers, it has been co-opted by incels as a way to further their misogynistic and anti-feminist agenda. Incel forums are full of posts mocking virgins and celebrating Chad, the “alpha male.” In comparison, incels refer to themselves as the “beta male.”

Memes and Discourse

Memes reflect and shape our social discourse. They can be a way to express our values and beliefs, as well as a way to challenge the status quo. It also blends art and politics together in a way that can be both funny and thought-provoking. But memes also have the power to reinforce harmful stereotypes and prejudices. The Virgin vs. Chad meme is a perfect example of this.

While the meme’s origins may have been innocent enough as a joke, it has taken on a life of its own. And in many ways, it’s become a way to mock and belittle men who are seen as virgins while celebrating the Chads of the world. This reinforces harmful stereotypes that virgins are losers and that women only want to be with Chads. It also perpetuates the false idea that all virgins are shy and awkward.

With this in mind, it shows that filtering online information – including memes – is essential. Just because something is fun,  popular, or goes viral doesn’t mean it’s harmless. Many memes – like the Virgin vs. Chad meme – can have harmful effects. So it’s essential to be aware of the messages they’re sending and the impact they can have.

Whether you find the virgin vs. Chad meme funny, there’s no denying it left its mark on the internet – and our culture. Because memes are more than just funny pictures. They’re a reflection of our society and our values. And that’s something to remember the next time you see a meme.

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