Tips for Porta Potty Trailer Rentals


Planning an event and considering portable restroom rentals? In this video, there are 10 essential tips to ensure a smooth and sanitary experience. It kicks off with a fundamental guideline: determining the number of restrooms based on the guest count, and recommending one restroom per 100 guests for a 4 to 6-hour event.

Steve delves into practical considerations, providing backyard placement measurements and emphasizing the importance of notifying the service center if the location is more than 40 feet from a truck. Enhancing hygiene options is another key aspect, with suggestions to include hand sanitizer or a running water sink.

For added security and convenience, Steve recommends incorporating features like locks or zip ties to prevent unauthorized use.

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He highlights the significance of LED tap lights for nighttime visibility and encourages strategic placement near light sources.

Protecting your investment is also covered, with insights into the benefits of damage waiver protection and advice on staking or anchoring restrooms for stability, especially against walls. Steve stresses the importance of choosing highly visible and accessible locations for the convenience of event attendees.

The video concludes by underlining the necessity of daily servicing of porta potty trailer rentals for multi-day events and emphasizing the broader environmental impact of portable restrooms, highlighting their role in water conservation. Whether you’re planning a small gathering or a large-scale event, these tips ensure that your portable restroom rental experience meets both practical and eco-friendly standards.

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