Tips for Choosing Clothing for Different Hunting Layers

Men wearing hunting clothes

The best equipment is not as essential for most outdoor activities as it is for hunting. Other than the proper weapon for your game, you should get the appropriate clothing to guarantee your fun and success during a hunt. There is now a broad range of clothing on the market, but it will not all suffice for your type of hunt. Layering is the critical element that will guarantee your comfort during your hunting trip.

However, layering does not mean picking all the clothes on sale at hunting stores in Michigan and piling them on your body, hoping for the best. You want each layer of your hunting gear to work together to trap the heat and moisture essential for your comfort while protecting you from harsh outdoor elements. Here are tips for choosing the clothing for different layers of your hunting gear:

Base Layer

This comprises the clothes that fit against your skin. Their primary function is to wick moisture from your body and keep you warm and dry. Lightweight base layers will wick the sweat from your skin but have little insulation. They are thus best for mild weather conditions. Mid-weight layers will suffice for cold conditions to keep you dry without risk of overheating. Heavyweight base layers are ideal for cold and harsh weather. The perfect fabric options for base layers are merino wool, silk, polypropylene, and polyester.


This works with the base layer to keep you warm while trapping moisture and improve your insulation. It is the most flexible hunting clothing layer. You can opt for double mid-layers if essential and remove one layer if it gets too warm. Merino wool and polyester are the ideal choices for mid-layers, though nylon will also suffice. Although the mid-layers of your hunting gear will be under the outer layer, it is best to get them in camouflage to minimize the risk of being easily spotted by your prey.

paintball sport player wearing protective mask aiming gun and shotted down with paint splash in summerOuter Layer

This layer will protect you from the harsh elements that might mar your entire hunting trip. It is designed to repel snow, rain, wind, and all elements Mother Nature might dish out. Moreover, it can withstand the rough terrain of thorny bushes and tree branches.The weight of your outer-layer clothing should be chosen carefully since it should be easy to pack into your backpack if it gets too hot. You should also ensure that the clothing makes as little noise as possible during your hunt to avoid scaring off your prey.

Soft Layer

This is not an essential hunting clothing layer but rather a personal choice. The soft layer is designed to boost the durability of your hunting gear by protecting it from deadfall and thick vegetation. It features thin materials in camouflage. It will boost your comfort in different vegetation levels, weather, and terrain.

The style and fabric that you will choose for the hunting gear layers mentioned above largely depend on your kind of hunt. If, for instance, you will cover a lot of ground, then breathability will be your focus. However, if you are going to be still hunting, heavy gear will be your best choice since insulation is vital.

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