Suitable Ideas for Maintaining Your Conversation After Getting a Match Online


Getting a partner nowadays is not so easy. However, dating apps have significantly eased the process for people of all ages and backgrounds looking for a life partner. Getting the best dating app is only the first step toward finding love. Most couples give up on online dating after getting a match since they find it hard to maintain a conversation with their match. More often than not, this marks the breakdown of their connection even before their meeting.

Keeping a conversation going is hard enough offline, let alone using a matchmaking dating app, since you are not talking to someone across the table. You also want to make the best impression on your match. As such, you will naturally be guarded on what you talk about. The following are some ideas on how you can keep an online conversation going when using a dating app.

Ask Questions

This strategy will get pretty much anyone talking. Give your match a chance to start talking by asking light questions. As he or she answers your questions, you will get more fuel for your conversation and find points to flatter his or her ego. It also gives you an opportunity to know if your match is worth it. If, for instance, you ask a mountain of questions, and yet he or she has not asked even the most basic of questions, then he or she might be a self-absorbed person.

Get Your Flirt On

flirting on a date

You can keep someone interested by subtle flirting, though this should not happen too early into your interactions, lest you come across as joking. Moreover going overboard with vulgar words in online flirting might attract questions into your real intentions for using dating apps. Add some spice to your basic questions or poke fun at your match’s answers in flirty ways to keep someone interested.

Be Honest

It is tempting to lie about one thing or another when talking to someone you do not know. Most people consider this a safety precaution since you are unsure about someone’s intentions. While you should not give too much information, be honest. If there is something you cannot divulge, let your match know instead of lying about it. This will form the basis of an honest relationship in the future.

Get Your Stories from All Over

Most people focus their conversations after a match on their personal lives. While this might help you get a deeper understanding of your match, it will narrow your conversation and contribute to its fizzling out. The best choice is to get stories from all over. Talk about other exciting things apart from the two of you. This prevents the awkward silence when talking to someone new and allows you to form a connection as friends before pursuing romantic interests.

The tips given above will sustain your online relationship to a large extent, but they will do only so much. Know when it is time for you and your match to meet offline. Online matchmaking is meant to be fun, so do not overthink into it. Keep it light and fun, but remember to protect yourself. When meeting someone in person, ensure that your friends know about it or tag someone along.

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