Shopping for Women’s Ski Jacket: A Guide for First-Time Skiers

guide for skiers

Summer is nearly over, fall is fast approaching, and soon it will be winter again. This year could be the ideal time to try skiing, especially if you live in an area that doesn’t have easy access to snow. Since it will be your first time skiing, why not do it in style? Sports brands, like Obermeyer, offers a range of stylish ski jackets for women.

Ski jackets, however, aren’t only for aesthetic purposes. They are also highly functional to make your first ski experience safe and comfortable.

Protect Yourself from the Cold

Your ski clothes protect your body from extreme cold. It’s essential to get quality pieces that provide you with the utmost protection. A proper ski outfit normally consists of several layers, which are:

  • Base layer – this can be long underwear designed for winter sports. It should be breathable, wicking, and fast drying. A form-fitting and contoured base layer is also ideal because it fits smoothly under your ski garments.
  • Mid layer – you will wear this layer between the base layer and your ski jacket. This is essential when you ski in colder temperatures because it reduces chills. It can be a light- to medium-weight long sleeve shirt made of polyester, fleece, or Merino wool.
  • Ski Jacket – this an important piece in your ski wardrobe because it keeps you dry, warm, and comfortable. It guards your body against the wind and snow when you’re skiing. Make sure the quality of your ski jacket provides sufficient insulation without compromising your comfort and mobility.

Find a Ski Jacket that Suits Your Needs

When shopping for a quality jacket, you should only look at its appearance. You also have to consider other crucial factors to ensure your jacket provides your needs. These factors include:

Waterproofing and breathability

Your ski jacket should keep the snow out and allow the heat and moisture your body generates to escape while you ski. The waterproof or breathable membrane in the fabric affects the performance of ski jackets.

The waterproofing level of a ski jacket is represented in numbers that refer to a water test:

  • Low – 5,000mm
  • Average – 10,000mm
  • High – 20,000mm
  • Extremely high – 28,000mm

The same numbers represent the breathability of a ski jacket. However, it is typically rated in grams.

Durability and weight

Materials have various weights and weave. Ski jackets with more layers tend to be more hard-wearing, and they also tend to resist abrasion more effectively. These materials, however, are heavier and feel harder. Find a jacket that uses abrasion-resistant material in specific areas without making the piece too heavy.

Fit and cut

Women's Ski

Your ski jacket should fit the type of skiing that you do. If you like cruising smooth pistes, for example, it’s best to wear slim fit jackets. Baggy cut pieces are more suitable for those into activities that require bigger movements.

Skiing is a fun and exciting activity when you want some thrill this winter. Start looking for the right ski jacket while its off-season to score quality pieces at a lower price. Apart from ski jackets, make sure to prepare other essential equipment so that you’ll be ready for your first ski experience.

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