Setting Your Insurance Agency Apart from Competitors

Insurance Agency

Starting an insurance agency can be a highly profitable business. The problem with running or starting an insurance agency is that insurance agencies are ubiquitous. They are everywhere, which makes marketing for one a cutthroat business. It is tough to set yourself apart from competitors if you offer the same or similar services to them. Still, there are certain tips and tricks that you can implement to stand out in the crowd. Here are some for you to consider:

Use technology for advertising

Marketing technology has improved vastly since the early days of advertisers targeting consumers through direct mailing lists and such. Nowadays, there is advanced technology available to anyone who needs it. Use content marketing and search engine optimization to make your ads reach the target viewers. But instead of employing the same tropes as every other company, diversify your articles and make them appeal to a varied range of interests, ages, and demographics. You can also use technology to find out what makes a campaign successful by analyzing the data that you have gathered.

Try new ways of reaching out

You can make your insurance company seem more appealing and make insurance a less boring subject by using social media to create funny ads and posts. Engaging with an audience on social media is bound to gain you positive attention and popularity. If you have a particularly successful social media campaign, you may even go viral or become iconic, which will be a huge boost for your business.

Work on improving your website

Your website will have a huge impact on how people find your image. You should have a unique website design for your insurance agency as this can truly set you apart from other boring websites. The website should be easily navigable and perfectly adapted for mobile devices. You should also monitor your progress by viewing statistics about your website hits so that you know which areas to work on.


Make use of multimedia

Having a simple website with bodies of text and FAQs doesn’t really cut it anymore. Set your business apart by implementing multimedia so that people spend more time on your website and easily pick out the information they need. Using infographics is a good idea. Putting up videos that explain various things, such as insurance types offered by your company or how to make a claim, is also a good idea. Video testimonials are also better at convincing new customers.

Build a trusted network

Build a network of customers by getting involved in person. Send company representatives to various community events, and make sure that you add a personal touch to interactions. Make valued customers know that they are important to your business by sending gifts or cards from time to time. This will boost your reputation through recommendations and referrals.

Running an insurance agency is not too different from any other type of business. If you provide a good service, you will find lots of customers who are satisfied with you. These are just some tools to get your out there.

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