Looking For a Dance Studio? 4 Things You Should Consider

people dancing in a studio

Whether you’re learning to dance or are already a dancer looking for a place to call your second home, choosing a studio where you can be comfortable can be a challenge. There are plenty of dance companies in Phoenix Arizona and other prime locations in the country, but not every studio offers the same set of services and environment. After all, dancing is not just about how you train, but also where you do it and who’s going to be with you. If you’re still on the lookout for a place where you can bust out your moves, these tips can help you get started:

1. Check the venue’s condition and maintenance

Conduct an inspection of the studio; don’t just trust what you see on website photos. The things you should check include the flooring, the bathrooms, the reception area, and the rest of the facility, in general. Wood sprung floors are ideal for dancing because they are shock absorbers; therefore, reducing the likelihood of injury and strain. Is the area clean? Are the rooms well-maintained? Is the front desk organized? The answers to these questions should influence your decision.

2. Find out who’s teaching

You will need to look for a teacher who is not only a great choreographer but is also a great instructor. A dance class isn’t the place where people try to outdo each other; you’re there to learn. That said, the person heading the sessions should know how to work with both beginners and advanced dancers. Attend a trial session and observe how much they pay attention to their students. How do they communicate? Are the students comfortable in the class? Can the teacher really teach how to dance and not just have students try to mimic what he or she is doing?

3. See if they offer training for different levels

ballet dancers warming upNot all dancers are of the same level, so your dance studio of choice should also be offering sessions for different types of learners. This is especially important if you’re a beginner, so you can sign up for the newbie class and try to learn dance alongside others of the same experience and skill level as you.

4. Check the rates

Prices matter and the cost will depend on the facility itself, the teacher, or the location. That’s why it’s best to shop around and inquire from at least three studios in your location before settling on one. Some studios charge per month and others charge per session. In your journey toward learning how to dance, you shouldn’t be depleting your funds.

Overall, the general atmosphere matters. You can’t learn to dance if the studio has a contrived and stuffy atmosphere. It might have a celebrity instructor that everyone’s fawning over, but if the students come in intimidated more than eager to learn, then perhaps that’s not the studio you are looking for. Some locations might also have the best, Instagrammable facilities, but you’re not really there to just take photos, right?

Ultimately, the perfect dance studio will be found after one, two, or three sessions with them, so feel free to book per-day programs first to try things out and be familiar with the community before signing up for a long-term subscription.

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