How to Prepare Now to Airbnb Your Home


Putting your home on Airbnb is a great way to make more money and supplement your income. To be able to get bookings and get good reviews, however, it’s important to make the necessary preparations. By getting your home ready for Airbnb, you can improve your odds of getting an amazing outcome and guests who leave glowing reviews. Here’s what you should do to prepare now so that your home can become an impressive destination for people looking for an Airbnb in your area.

Clean Your Home

To begin with, it cannot be overstated how important cleanliness is in terms of making your home an attractive Airbnb. No one wants to spend time in a home that’s untidy when they pay for an Airbnb since this takes away from their experience. To prepare now and get started making your home the perfect destination, you can hire cleaners such as an Airbnb cleaning service. It’s important to note that you’ll need a service that you can rely on to clean your home before each new guest arrives and after they leave. This will ensure that no one has to interact with someone else’s mess even if your property has back-to-back bookings.

Remember that, in addition to regular cleaning services, you’ll also need to get deep cleaning done as often as necessary. This way, there won’t be stains and other issues that guests encounter in your home at any point. With proper cleaning, there will be a low likelihood of sensitive guests suffering from flare-ups when they spend time on your property. Make sure that the professionals you hire do a good job by inspecting the job whenever you can and making sure that it’s up to your standards. If there are any issues, you should find another service that will deliver what you want so that your home stays impeccable throughout.

Get Your Home Inspected

You can also prepare now to make your home the ultimate Airbnb in your area by getting it inspected. A home inspection can alert you to issues that need to be repaired and more. These details will help you keep your home not just appealing, but safe as well. Make sure that everything is up to standard so that there’s no chance that someone could get injured in your home during a stay. Repeat inspections as often as necessary so that you can deal with anything that could crop up over time and nip it in the bud.

You can compile a checklist of the details that need to be checked during an inspection. Base these on issues that you’ve had in the past if you’ve lived in the home for a considerable period of time so that there aren’t repeat problems. Some of the details that you may want to get inspected include mold, pests, and even asbestos if your home is an older one. By getting these out of the home and keeping it in good condition at all times, your guests will be wowed by the state of things. You can be sure that the house will also stay in good shape for a good length of time to come.

Add a New Coat of Paint

You can also prepare now to make sure that your home is ready to be the ideal Airbnb by adding a new coat of paint. This is a project that will take minimal time to do and cost you a small amount in comparison to the effect that it will have. You simply need to find good home painting services in your area and task them with this project. If you decide to change the existing color, remember to keep it calm and neutral so that it’s appealing to a majority of the guests. For a home that’s big enough and that has the right layout, you can pick one wall to be an accent wall and paint it a bold color.

You can also paint the exterior of your house so that it makes a great impression on guests who come over. This will set their expectations and make sure that they’re not disappointed when they get to the house. You may not have to repaint your house on a regular basis, but it’s good practice to repaint it when it starts to fade or develop scratches and other dents. The best thing about repainting your house is that if you do it properly, you won’t need to take your house off the market for a long time. The returns that you stand to get for this short downtime are sure to be well worth it for you.

Invest in Backup Power

You can also prepare now to list your house on Airbnb by investing in a source of backup power. This way, guests won’t be left in the dark in case of a fallen power line or other issue in your area. You can be sure that this will go a long way to impressing the people who spend time in your home, and they’re sure to come back again in the future as a result. A great option in terms of backup power is a residential generator. Construct a shed for it and find a model that’s easy to start up or one that automatically turns on when the power goes out. This will make your home efficient and comfortable, ensuring that guests don’t end up in a complex situation trying to get the power backup on.

Over time, you can also install solar power so that your home will always have power, no matter what happens to the municipal power supply. This will make your home greener and there will be guests who appreciate this a lot. With proper maintenance, the installation cost will pay well for itself and give you impressive returns. Work with a competent team in this case to make sure that if anything is ever out of place, you know that it will be fixed in the shortest possible time.

Make Sure Your HVAC System Works Well

A house needs functional HVAC for it to be comfortable all through the year. That’s why you should call an HVAC service to inspect and maintain your HVAC. This can lower the cost of expensive breakdowns that could leave the house uncomfortable throughout the time the issue is getting fixed. Make sure that you have the HVAC service on call so that they can respond to any issues at a good time and your house stays comfortable for your guests. Prepare now for every scenario by making sure that your system is running efficiently.

With the HVAC in good shape, you can also make savings in terms of energy usage, since it won’t consume too much power to keep the house comfortable. Make sure that there’s nothing working against the efforts of your HVAC in dealing with air leaks around the house. These can be caused by doors and windows that leave gaps when they’re closed and cracks in the siding. Address all these details to make sure that your house is not at risk of getting uncomfortable even with functional HVAC, since this is a possibility.

Keep Your Drains Clear

Drains that clog up and get blockage can cause a number of other issues in your home. These issues include drain flies in areas like the kitchen and a foul odor in spaces with drains. They can also leave guests in an uncomfortable situation when they use the shower or sink only to have water stand around for longer than it should. A plumbing contractor can help you prepare now for the ideal Airbnb by doing a thorough inspection of your plumbing. If there are any clogs and other issues, they should address them as soon as possible and put measures in place to ensure that the issue doesn’t come up again.

If there are damaged parts of your home’s plumbing, repair or replace these as necessary to get the perfect system. It’s best to involve a plumber or drain cleaner in situations where you have repeat issues so that they can get to the bottom of the matter fast. This will get the problem fixed from the root and leave your home perfect as far as drainage is concerned. This way, your plumbing can stay efficient a lot better than it would if you relied on store-bought drain cleaners. Don’t forget to also talk to the professionals about the best way in which to maintain the drains and avoid issues from coming up.

Consider Your Lighting

Lighting can make a massive difference to the way that your home looks, with the right lighting bathing your home in a beautiful glow. Prepare now to make your home the dream Airbnb by changing the lighting to make it more comfortable and appealing. To this end, it’s best that you find an electrical service that can do a professional job and leave your home with proper lighting that’s properly set up. While working on the lighting, you could also change the bulbs and replace them with LED bulbs which will be a lot more energy-efficient and last for a longer time.

Remember that lighting can play a role whether it’s on or off, thanks to the fixtures that you use. That said, try and look for good fixtures that can make an impression whether they’re on or they’re off. Shop around for fixtures that complement the general theme of your home so that they function as decor. You can also install different types of lighting, including ambient and task lighting. To make the lighting even better, install dimmer switches that will be used to either dim or brighten the lights so that guests can control the lighting as they please.

Take Care of Your Appliances

Don’t forget that your appliances need to be kept in good shape throughout so that they function efficiently as they ought to. This will keep them safe and also ensure that they use up less energy, making your home’s maintenance a bit more cost-effective. Look for professional home appliance repair for any appliances that need to be fixed before you open your home to guests. This can help you prepare now for a home in which all guests will be happy and gratified to spend time and leave amazing reviews for you.

Replace old appliances with newer ones that will function a lot better and also look amazing in your home. When shopping for appliances, remember to look for those that have a good energy rating so that you can get the best return for the investment that you make with the purchase. With proper appliances in your home, you can keep your home a lot safer as well and avoid having to replace them in a short time.

Purify Your Water

Prepare now to Airbnb your home by making sure that your home has constant access to clean, fresh water throughout. You can do this by installing a water treatment system that’s going to purify any water that’s meant for use in your house. This can assure your guests of a happier experience and ensure that there’s minimal risk of exposure to the risks that come with dirty water. Put measures in place that you can maintain well so that you don’t either end up without clean water in your home or without water altogether.

Update Your Locks

Finally, make sure that your home can stay safe all through to improve security by updating the locks. If there are any damaged locks that no longer work as they should, it’s a good idea to contact your local locksmith services to replace them. The same case applies if you’ve lost a set of keys to your home since you never know who may have found them. Avoid unpleasant surprises by updating the locks of your home if there’s ever an issue so you can make sure that there aren’t any issues that could come up unexpectedly.

These are a few of the ways in which you can prepare your home to make it an Airbnb. As a result of doing so, you’ll be sure that your home is perfect to invite guests to. You can get amazing reviews in the process and make a name for yourself, making more money in the process.


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