How to Improve the Look of Your Golf Cart with Accessories


Avid golfers who own golf carts will love this video from “Golf Cart Stuff.” You will realize that you can make a bold statement with your golf cart with these golf cart accessories and upgrades.

How to Upgrade Your Golf Cart:


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Changing the steering wheel is one of the easiest things you can do. The steering wheel takes a beating as it is subject to being out in the sun and can begin to look worn quickly. Switching out your steering wheel is a fast and easy upgrade.

2. Upgraded dash kit. This is a great upgrade as it not only gives your golf card a finished/polished look but is also a safety feature. Most dash kits have at least one lock box, which can keep valuables safe while on the course.

3. New flooring. Whether you are considering completely upgrading the floor of the cart or just adding mats, both can make a huge difference to the appearance of the cart. Flooring and mats are available in numerous patterns and designs.

4. Front seat covers. Just like steering wheels, the fabric of the golf seat is out in the sun and gets a lot of use. When you see that your covers are looking worn, upgrading the seat covers can make your golf cart look new and feel very cozy.

Don’t be stuck with the same old “ho-hum” golf cart. Add some golf cart accessories and show your personality on the course.

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