Five Manifestations of Poor Web User Experience

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Consumers nowadays make use of web research to gauge if a company fits their needs. If your business can’t be found online, then you’re missing the chance to improve your conversions. A website provides social proof that you are a legitimate business that they can trust their money with. A website allows you to showcase your offerings and publish customer testimonials. It can even keep your business running 24/7.

Every business, no matter the size and industry, has a special need for a professional website. For instance, you need help marketing a new sports brand. Among your priorities should be creating a professional website for your startup business. However, merely having a website is now enough. You’ll need to make sure that your site visitors will have a good user experience every time they visit your website.

But how can you tell if you need to improve the user experience of your website? Watch out for these tell-tale signs:

Your site takes sweet time to load

One thing that can turn off site visitors fast and easy is a slow-loading website. Consumers will want to know more about your business before investing in your company. If your site is making them wait, they can easily skip your brand and look for another one. Wonder how long site visitors stay on websites? It is usually less than a minute. If you are unable to communicate your value in fewer than 10 seconds, then you’re already missing a sale.

It is not mobile-friendly

Most Internet users these days are on mobile. If your website is not mobile-optimized, visitors will have a hard time accessing your website and finding the information they need. Search engines also gauge your site’s mobile usability as a factor when deciding your rank on SERPs. If you want to have a good placement on SERPs, then you’d want to work on making your site more mobile-friendly.

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It is confusing to navigate

Your website should be easy to navigate. If the design is complicated and hard to use, then visitors will have a hard time browsing the website. This will cause confusion and frustration among the users. Make sure not to overload your navigation bar. The simpler the site layout is, the better.

There is too much or too little information

Your site visitors would like to know more about your company and anything that can entice them to avail of your offers. Inadequate information, such as no contact details, will make it hard for them to trust your brand. Likewise, bombarding them with too much information can cause confusion. Make sure that the site is clean and well-organized and keep your visitors informed and engaged.

There is uninteresting and outdated content

Content is king and is something that you should take advantage of. If the contents of your site are obsolete and dull, you can’t expect your visitors to read them. An interesting web design and a website that is fast and easy to navigate are not enough. What you need to do is to also provide value to your site visitors.

The kind of user experience you offer can have an impact on your ability to make conversions online. Remember that having a website alone is not enough. Make sure that your site is mobile-friendly, fast-loading, informational, and easy to navigate.

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