Details About Hotels That Leave a Good Impression

hotel reception counter desk

Hotels are facing steep competition from a variety of websites that offer alternative accommodation options. This is why hotels are working harder than ever to appeal to customers. In this cut-throat market, small details matter more than ever. It can be quite expensive to run a hotel. The way to make customers want to pay more is to provide a better, more luxurious experience. Hotels can do this by paying attention to details that leave a lasting impression on guests. Here are some things to take care of if you want your guests to remember their stay at your hotel:

Bathroom supplies

Many customers want more differentiated products when it comes to hotel supplies in Australia. As people are growing more environmentally conscious, many people wish to get rid of single-use plastics. Instead, your supplies could come in containers made of recyclable materials. This will help your hotel save money on waste and also leave a lasting impression about your commitment to sustainability. People are also starting to demand better-quality personal hygiene products from their hotels. They prefer well-known, organic brands of shampoo and soap rather than generic, no-name ones.

Mobile devices in rooms

Previously, hotels used to come with TVs and intercoms, and that was considered enough. Nowadays, the best hotels have rooms fitted with smart devices and smart technology. These devices can be simple touch-screen devices such as notepads, which can allow you to control the temperature in your room, play music, close or open drapes, or call room service at the tap of a finger. You can dim the lights while in bed and find out about other services the hotel has to offer. This is the perfect addition for people who go to hotels to shy away from dealing with people.

Thoughtful artwork

Modern hotel lobby

In the past, hotel decor would consist of generic artwork, photos, and sculptures. This is starting to change, as hotels are trying to provide a more well-curated experience for guests. Hotel owners are paying more attention to the quality of the artwork they use to decorate. Each piece should be meaningful and in sync with the overall look of the place. Some hotels are rebranding themselves as art hotels. These art hotels have a resident artist who is commissioned to produce artwork for decorating the hotel. Guests are also able to buy the artwork if they end up liking it.

Personal touches

Hotels used to offer impersonal experiences. Each room looked the same, and guests were all treated the same. But research shows that customers retain better impressions of hotels where they get personalized service. There are many ways to achieve this level of service. You can find out about the likes and dislikes of guests before they come in so that their rooms can be decorated in their favorite style. You can also ask the staff to learn the names of guests, and always address them personally.

There’s a lot your hotel can do to adapt to the market. Focusing on the best quality of service is among the most important. You need to make your guests seek out the unique experience of staying at your hotel.

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