Brand Relevance: Factors to Consider When Trying to Achieve This


Brand relevance means having a product that connects with the market. This connection paves the way for them to sustain their position in the market. When consumers connect to a product, they prefer it over the competitors. It is difficult to stay relevant in a pool of thousands of products. So how does one do it? There are some factors to consider:


A product’s relevance can be improved by promoting it on the appropriate platforms. For instance, manufacturers should take advantage of digital marketing for manufacturers. It is a good tool to reach a wider scope of the target audience. Consumers will feel connected with products that they interact and relate with. As buyers use social media platforms, coming across a product will give it a greater recall. But aside from putting a product up on social media, there should also be a strong message to your content. Use media platforms wisely to boost brand relevance.


As they say, someone or something should be more than just a pretty face. A product becomes relevant to the consumer when they see its purpose. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, they would love to know how it could serve as a solution to any of their problems. Will it help them with their finances or boost their health? How will it improve their way of living? Furthermore, its use should extend to those closest to them. A product becomes more relevant when it has a greater scope of target and satisfied audience.

Performance and Usability

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For your product or service to be relevant, it should be a cut above the rest. It must offer something that is lacking in other competitor brands. Do not be afraid to be the front-runner in your industry. Be a catalyst for innovation. The performance of your product should also be consistent. The satisfaction of one consumer in interacting with your product should be parallel with that of another.

Another measure of a relevant product is the ease with which it can be used. To reiterate, people are looking for solutions, not added complications. They would choose products that are easy to understand, are effective, and need minimal analysis. Even if your product has the best specifications, it will be lost in the market if it is hard to navigate. Consumers might choose user-friendly competitor brands.

Positive Difference

Is your product environmentally friendly? People are more aware now of environmental issues. Some people look into “green” products. They want to be part of the solution. Thus, they choose products that are advocates of cleaner surroundings.

Does your product bring joy and pride to you? Your product must also bring about good emotions in you. This tells a lot about what kind of product you have. When you are proud of what you have created, you continue to improve on it and make it up-to-date. A relevant product does not impact only its consumer but also nature and even its producer.

Brand relevance is not about price. People like to save on good deals. But they would be willing to pay for a product that they could trust. This is what relevance is all about. It is about maintaining the trust and loyalty of consumers. The world and people’s needs are in constant change. Your product needs to be flexible and keep up with it. Not because it is relevant to the present means that it would be relevant a few months down the road. It is good to always revisit your product and make it adaptable to change.

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